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Riding Uphill Pays Tribute to Effort

2018/10/12 Event

In the evening of Friday October 12 crowds streamed into the Aeon Cinema in Aeon Katsuragawa Mall to see Riding Uphill. This powerful film is about a man who takes up bicycle racing after trying other things. It’s set in Kokura, Fukuoka Prefecture, where Japanese professional bicycle racing began.

Koji (Kenichi Abe) is a former baseball player whose life has been going downhill ever since he was kicked off his team 8 years ago. When someone suggests he give bicycle racing a try, Koji sees it as his last chance to redeem himself. He pours himself into training, despite being twice the age of the other riders.

The big race at the end is a test of his physical strength and his will. The finale also features breathtaking cinematography to give a sense of the elegance, speed and physical effort of bicycle races.

The film expertly shows the grueling nature of the sport and how the human will can conquer anything if a person puts his or her mind to it. It’s an inspiring piece that will move athletes and everyday people alike.

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