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Comedy Giants Yoshimoto Kogyo launch Yoshimoto Game Studio

2018/10/12 Event

Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd. plans to branch out into yet another field of entertainment with the establishment of Yoshimoto Game Studio, which was formally announced at the Kyoto Hotel Okura on Friday, October 12. The company is being launched to give Yoshimoto Kogyo a viable presence in the gaming world.

The new company is a bit of a surprise coming from Yoshimoto Kogyo, which is well-known for comedy TV and films. But as Yujiro Saito, representative of the new company, explained at the launch ceremony, the thinking is to tap into the potential that would be created by the synergy of the entertainment business and the gaming business.

Three specific goals were stated for the new company. First, to create games that make use of Yoshimoto intellectual property. Second, to create games that are not limited to the parent company’s IP, but best match the market and user needs. And thirdly, to make games that only Yoshimoto could make, by having its extensive roster of comedians and artists get involved in the planning and development of games.

The new company is currently developing games for the new mobile gaming service called “mspo” and aims to release its first titles soon.

Yujiro Saito went on to explain that company will not limit its scope to gaming platforms and devices that are already on the market. Its projects will include developing new platforms and devices that will appeal to everyone from hardcore games to casual players.

The stage was then filled with some of Yoshimoto’s top talent, including the duos Chocolate Planet, Trendy Angel and Garittochu, as well as solo performer Natsuko Yokosawa. Tsukasa Saito of Trendy Angel remarked that he loves playing games and looks forward to participating in creating some. Yokosawa said that she only plays mobile games, but her husband is a big gamer, so she really looks forward to the project.

The comedians’ lively banter drew big laughs from the crowd, making clear that Yoshimoto has plenty of talent to mine for its upcoming games.

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