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Actress Yoshiko Mita Attends Special Screening for "Toki Rakujitsu"

2018/10/11 Event

The Kyoto International Film and Art Festival 2018 opened on Thursday, October 11, 2018, and at Yoshimoto Gion Kagetsuki, actress. Yoshiko Mita and producer Kazuyoshi Okuyama, greeting film fans on stage at a Special Screening presentation for their film " Toki Rakujitsu (Far Away Day)".

MC 's Kei Shimizu began the event by inviting the two guests to the stage, Okuyama saying a big thank you to the attendees first. Although the film is over 20 years ago, it was a big hit for producer Okuyama and he praised Yoshiko Mita, saying "I think it was all down to her hard work!" He explained that his feeling of love for the film steadily increased along with the meaning that no one is without a mother, that everyone in this world has a mother.

On this occasion Yoshiko Mita was asked to be an Ambassador by Okuyama, as a representative actress of the Japanese film industry, and Okuyama confessed he wanted to ask her several years ago. Although she never made a movie after "Toki Rakujitsu", Mita said she was making a movie now, and she felt nostalgic about making the movie. The story behind the film was also explained. An episode of the TV show Shika Noguchi was the trigger for movie production which Mita discussed while hoping for a big hit at an Akasaka restaurant.

"I was surprised to receive an offer," said Mita. "I was at a dangerous age at 16 years old" she joked. The duo explained the story of the special makeup needed to tell the narrative and included filming immersed in water, but Mr. Mita smiled that she was glad it won a lot of awards. "I thought that I wanted to fulfil this role as an actress anyway" she said. have also jumped out, greetings of the stage were greatly excited.

After the photo sessions, Mr. Mita added "Although the years have passed since the movie was released, the movie itself is not going to pass".

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