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A Love Story Bad Enough to Rot Your Ears Screening

2018/10/11 Event

As part of the TV Director’s Movie section of KIFF, the madcap Japanese comedy A Love Story Bad Enough to Rot Your Ears screened on October 11. Members of the public packed into T Joy Kyoto cinema on a rainy Thursday evening for the film starring the popular comedy duo NON STYLE.

The stars showed up ahead of the screening and got warm applause from the crowd. One half of the duo, Akira Yoshida wrote the script, which is a murder mystery on a remote island.

His comedy partner, Yusuke Inoue joked that his character dies so soon in the story that he doesn't even remember the character's name. The two banter back and forth at rapid speed, but the director, Keisuke Toyoshima was able to get in a word or two. He joked with his stars, which include Hideaki Murata, about how completely crazy the story is, drawing laughs from the audience.

The cast and crew made it clear that they all enjoyed making the film as much as the audience loved watching it. When the film began, the filmmakers moved to the back of the theater, so they would watch along as the audience laughed at one scene after another.

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