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Stars of Kyoto International Film and Art Festival Step on the Red Carpet

2018/10/11 Report

The countdown clock for the 2018 Kyoto International Film and Art Festival (KIFF) hit zero at 1pm on Thursday October 11 when the red carpet saw guests from Japan and around the world stride in front of waiting media.

Representatives from the Art section of the film festival were first to appear in front of the cameras, with Kyoto International Film and Art Festival Art Planner Kenta Oka, Miki Makiko Yamamoto, padGALLERY, photographer Yasumasa Yonehara and Bihou Yamauchi each exhibiting their individualism with varied casual dress in front of the historic Nishi Hongan-ji buddhist temple. Oka took questions from the awaiting press, wearing full Hakama, traditional attire that matched the 14th Century setting and location.

Yoshimoto Kogyo’s commitment to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) was represented next by participants of the Yoshimoto Shinkigeki Troupe, responsible for “everything’s happening at SDG’s Kagetsu!”. Kiyoshi Nishikawa, Yasushi Kawabata and Succhi were joined by Kaoru Nemoto of the United Nations Information Center, whose bright yellow outfit shone in the black and white surroundings of the UNESCO World Heritage site of Nishi Hongan-ji.

Five groups from the festival’s “Special Invitation Films” and “TV DIRECTOR’S MOVIE” categories, representing films from around Asia, then walked the red carpet to face the cameras. With 27 journalists from around Asia - including for the first time from Myanmar – the actors and directors answered questions from the assembled press. Koreans Park Gyu-Ri, Lim Won-Hee and Cho-Sung-kyu from the movie “Beautiful Food” were joined by China’s Shang Changrong and Teng Junjie from their film “Cao Cao & Yang Xiu.”

Kyoto International Film and Art Festival Executive Committee Vice Chairman Kazuyoshi Okuyama next took the spotlight, accompanied by former pop idol turned actress Miyoko Asada, from their movie “Erika 38.”

The red carpet finished with Kyoto International Film and Art Festival Executive Committee Honorary Chairman and legendary film director Sadao Nakajima and Kyoto International Film and Art Festival Executive Committee Chairman Ichiya Nakamura accompanied by two of Kyoto’s famed geisha making an appearance and eager to kick off this year’s 4-day event, held in venues across Kyoto.

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