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Film Cao Cao and Yang Xiu Bring Peking Opera to Japan

2018/10/13 Event

The film Cao Cao and Yang Xiu also had a gala screening at Toho Cinemas Nijo on Saturday. Audience members streamed in to see the Peking Opera-based 3D movie that combines traditional and contemporary arts.

The story concerns the Emperor Cao Cao, who has just been defeated in the War of the Red Cliff. Though he has suffered a bad loss, he doesn’t let his spirits flag. Instead he vows to come back and unite the 3 Kingdoms. Yang Xiu is a brilliant officer and tactician who could help Cao Cao regain his glory. But the headstrong characters of the two men prevent them from working together and eventually lead to tragedy.

Before the screening director Junjie Teng and actor Shang Changrong made a stage appearance. The revered Peking Opera legend Shang noted this was the 4th 3D film he had starred in. Director Teng related he had wanted to make a film with Chinese traditional theater as its base for a long time. He credited the great script and excellent for the success of the film, which he noted was getting a lot of attention and praise in China.

The Japanese audience thoroughly in enjoyed the 3D images of swords, birds and all manner of objects flying by their heads as well as the sophisticated acting of the refined Peking Opera.

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