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From movies, stand-up comedy and Yoshimoto New Comedy Troupe ー everything’s happening at SDGs Kagetsu!

bAt Kyoto International Film & Art Festival 2018, and following on from last year’s event where SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) were explained plainly through the power of comedy, we’re aiming for a world full of laughter and smiles in 2030.

Part 1.
Movie Screening "Wareware Harawaretai It’ll make us happy if it catches on. That’s all we ask."

Date:Friday, October 12 (with Talk Show)
Time:Open 16:10/Start 16:30
Venue:Yoshimoto Gion Kagetsu

Part 2.
SDGs‐1Grand Prix &SDGs Yoshimoto Comedy Troupe

Date:Friday, October 12
Time:Open 18:40/Start 19:00
Venue:Yoshimoto Gion Kagetsu

*Times subject to change

Sustainable Seafood Week 2018 at Kyoto International Film Festival

A talk show hosted by MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) ambassador, Cocorico comedy duo member Naoki Tanaka, will be held from 11:15 AM on October 13 (Sat) at Kyoto Central Market to discuss SDGs goal 14 "The Sustainability of Aquatic Products".

Talk Show

Date:Saturday, October 13
Time:Start 11:15
Venue:Kyoto Central Market

Cross-lingual Escape Game -SDGs version from Junpu University Graduation-

A new kind of escape game incorporating sign language, written conversation and sound in puzzle solving. Participants team up with deaf and hearing-impaired people.
There are puzzles that cannot be solved without hearing the sound or without knowing sign language. Teams, made up of people speaking "different languages" ̶ sign language or spoken language ̶ aim to escape the room by means of conveying the messages to each other.
We are collaborating with "IGENGO Lab.", a general incorporated association that has organized various workshops and Cross-lingual Escape Games. Popular comedians will also be joining !


Date:Saturday, October 13
Venue:the Former Junpu Elementary School

SoftBank Robotics presents Pepper Special Programming Class for SDGs

We are organizing a workshop designed to create a discussion with children about SDGs through programming education, us ing Softbank Robotics’ humanoid robot "Pepper".
Yoshimoto comedians will also be joining the workshop and through a variety of quizzes about the 17 goals, they will make learning about SDGs fun for the children.


Saturday, 13 October 13:00-16:00
Sunday, 14 October 13:00-16:00
Aeon Mall KYOTO - Sakura 4F Koto Hall

So da! Dondon Ganbaro! Stamp Rally

Similar to last year, the “So da! Dondon Ganbaro!” Stamp Rally will be held in Okazaki Park.
A prize will be given for finding all the SDGs17 goal stamps.


Date:Friday, October 12 – Sunday, October 14
Venue:Okazaki Park

"SDGs" - 17 Goals to Change the World

"SDGs"(Sustainable Development Goals) refer to the 17 universal goals adopted in September 2015 by the United Nations, to ensure that we are able to pass down the Earth for generations to come.

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