ARTRissei Library/Traveling Coffee

Exhibition Period:Thursday, October 11 – End of December
Address:310-2 Higashiiru Bizenjima-cho Takoyakushi-dori Kawaramachi Nakagyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 604-8023 Japan

Sadao Nakajima’s Bookshelf

Get more out of the movie “Tajuro Junaiki”!

Introducing various stories based on the books lying around the home of Sadao Nakajima, including dozens of precious works and valuable scripts actually used in his works.
This exhibit will include works which will actually be able to be handled and read.

Exhibition PeriodThursday,11 October - End of December(Plans)

"PARASOL" Short Film Screening/Lecture "Film and Video Art"

Short film “PARASOL”, starring artist Makoto Aida, will be screened twice, on Friday October 12 and Saturday October 13 at 6 PM to 8 PM, at the first floor outdoor Takasegawa terrace and second floor Community Center Meeting Room at the Rissei Library/Traveling Coffee.
(※In the event of rain, screening will be in the 2nd floor Community Center Meeting Room)

“PARASOL” Short Film Screening/

Date:Friday 12, Saturday 13 October

One summer day, a strange sound was heard by a man and women living separately, in different places. The two people are guided by this sound... Love story “PARASOL” by Director Yoji Kondo is a short movie starring contemporary artist Makoto Aida, for everyone that has ever felt alone.The emptiness that you currently feel will all change within the parasol!?

PARASOL: Special Project Lecture "Film and Video Art"

Date:Friday, 12 October
Time:Open 18:00 / Start 18:30
Venue:Rissei Library/Traveling Coffee
Admission Fee:including sweets and drinks
Appearing:Shiro Fukai ("PARASOL" Producer), Yutaro Midorikawa ("PARASOL" AD), Kayoko Tokumoto (Heroine MmeKIKI, representative of Madam Kiki’s store), Iseo Nose (Photographer, Film Director),Kenta Oka (MC/Art Planner)
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