ARTKyoto City Library

Venues:Fushimi Chuo Library, Iwakurashi Library, Shimogyo Library, Kisshoin Library
Exhibition Period:Thursday, October 11 – Sunday, October 14
[Fushimi Chuo Library] - 659-1 Imamachi Fushimi-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 612-8051 Japan
[Iwakurashi Library] - 16 Iwakurashimozaiji-cho Sakyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 606-0013 Japan
[Shimogyo Library] - 110-1 Tominaga-cho Matsubara-kudaru Shinmachi-dori Shimogo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 600-8449 Japan
[Kisshoin Library] - 1 Kisshoin Ikeda-cho Minami-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 601-8349 Japan

Kyoto City Library Project

Joint Project between 4 Libraries
A project tied to the content of this year’s Film & Art Festival (movies, Director Sadao Nakajima, anime, cooking, environment and comedy etc.)
An exhibition of Yoshimoto entertainer picture books and panels and posters from the Film & Art Festival.

Fushimi Chuo Library

Theme:"PARASOL" (Rissei Library/Traveling Coffee screening)
The love story "PARASOL", featuring a sushi bar and the Gojo Bridge.
Exhibition of a book focu
Entertainer picture book exhibition

Iwakurashi Library

Theme:"Giant’s Teeth" Makiko Yamamoto (exhibition of the works of former Junpu Elementary School)
Exhibition of a book on various legends related to nature, like the Kamogawa where the teeth of giants fell in the northern part of nature-rich Kyoto.
A book workshop by Miho Yamauchi held on the library terrace (inside in the event of rain).
Visitors will bring something that can be used like a brush and several paper bags, and will select from the various “brushes” including grass and stones, to draw on their paper bags on the library terrace.

Shimogyo Library

Theme:Director Nakajima’s latest film "Tajuro Junaiki"
Exhibition of books based on the era that forms the background to the Kyoto culture of Samurai Cinema.
A talk event based on Kyoto memories and stories from visitors with Navys afro (provisional), a student from the teachings of Library Head Kawanami.

Kisshoin Library

Theme:Kyoto News
The Kisshoin area where people used to live a long time ago became factories during the high growth period, and is now a residential area.
This exhibition is based on items from the “good old days” (mainly photo books) from this evolving town.
Art entertainers Midorizu will interview visitors about library books that they bring them.
Visitors will be asked to open a page at random, and Moriyama of Midorizu will read it while Lily draws a picture.
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