ARTFormer Junpu Elementary School

This traditional school built in 1870 in the Meiji era closed in 2017 as it was merged with Seisen Elementary School.Borrowing its antique building boasting a long history of 147 years, we will organize art events that are sure to be exciting both for children and adults.
Exhibition Period:Thursday, October 11 – Sunday, October 14
Exhibition Time:11:00〜19:00(Closing on 17:00 on the last day)
Address:609-1 Kakimoto-cho Shimogyo-ku Kyoto-shi,Kyoto 600-8357 Japan

Makiko Yamamoto "Giant’s Tooth"

Photo by Yoshiyuki Uchibori

Artist:Makiko Yamamoto

"Legend of Giants" Work Exhibition and Film.

Author Comments
In Japan there are many regional legends around giants, most of which are related to “Daidarabo” (also known with the variations of “Daidarabocchi”, “Dērabo”, and “Dērabocchi”). The westernmost of such legends is the “Dadaboshi Legend” of Shiga Prefecture. “Dadaboshi” dug up the soil in Ominokuni, and the accumulated soil became Mt. Fuji while the dugout crater became Biwa Lake. Five years have passed since I began chasing the Giant legends closely related to the natural landscape. In this commemorable fifth year, I have created “Giant’s Tooth” the second installation in the “Giant’s Lost Items” series. The tooth falls into Kamo river, bobbing downstream. Why is a giant’s tooth in Kamo river? Is there a Giant legend in Kyoto too? — This is a story of a kind giant who helps people in need.

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Informal Lecture "The reality of Kamo river and Giant legends, as told by the last fisherman of Kamo river"

Date:Sunday, October 14
Cast:Makiko Yamamoto, Zon Ito(Artist), Kenji Sawa(Kyoto Prefecture Kamo River Fisheries Cooperative)

Collaborator: Kyoto Prefecture Kamo River Fisheries Cooperative,Diving School Blue Peter

Yoshimoto Manzai Theater Presents YOSHIMOTO Art in KIFF

Exhibition of canvas artwork by the popular young performers of Yoshimoto Manzai Theater, including Einstein, Gion, Totto, Miki, and Yuriyan Retriever.
Customers voted that they would also like to see the artwork as merchandize. The artwork and merchandize will be sold at the Hanshin Department Store Art Fair held in December.
Some work will also be exhibited at the event “Kyoto Art Messe” held in Kyoto Miyako Messe on Saturday, October 13th and Sunday the 14th.

Collaborator: Holbein Art Materials Inc.

padGALLERY "Iku-Kuru Figurines ‘Doyasa!’ Exhibition"

An installation directed by padGALLERY.
The Ima Ikuyo & Kuruyo figurines with one-of-a-kind costumes are exhibited in a classroom at the former Junpu Elementary School, three cafes in Shimabara area (GOOD TIME COFFEE, Kinse Inn, Hygge), and at Yoshimoto Gion Kagetsu.

¥10,000 Art in KYOTO "Teddy Bear Art Made with ¥10,000"

Exhibitors:Mitsuyoshi Takasu/ Becky/ Akihiro Nishino/ Bakarhythm / Kukkī (Yasei Bakudan)/ Kento Mori/ Sebastian Masuda/ MEGUMI/ YOU/ Naoki Tanaka (Cocorico)/CHERNG/ Judy Chou & Mr.OGAY etc.

An art project where the themed works are produced with the limit for the cost of materials set at ¥10,000. In addition to various well-known Japanese talents who are friends with the project’s producer, Mitsuyoshi Takasu (broadcasting writer), there will also be a number of popular Taiwanese artists creating and exhibiting their artwork during the event. With the ¥10,000 materials limit, the event will produce and exhibit "teddy bears that might deeply touch the heart of just three people when a hundred view them".

Choji Nakahodo "Island Cat Eye Exhibition"

©Choji Nakahodo

Artist:Choji Nakahodo

Photo and film exhibition of the film “Nyaha!” screened at this year’s "All Things Great in All the Islands Festival", which is the first directed film by Choji Nakahodo, the general director of Yanbaru Art Festival. The island cat of Okinawa looks into the human society on the same level as sky and the earh, and asks...

[Relevant Events]
Panel Session: The power of Okinawa’s island cats, as seen through the Island Cat Movie "Nyaha!"

Date:Sunday, October 14
Cast:Choji Nakahodo(Director),Tamako Miyagawa
Detail:"Nyaha!" is an island cat movie featuring over 100 genuine stray cats. The director, Choji Nakahodo, paid great attention to the cats’ eye level, even acting as a cat himself. While watching the movie, he discusses with the Okinawa-born performer, Tamako Miyagawa, the beauty of island cats (called Shimamayā), which are unique to Okinawa and cannot be found anywhere else.

Marin Nakamura "PRI-SONAYE A/W 2018"


Artist:Marin Nakamura

"PRI-SONAYE" is a new Japanese Clothing Brand that represents the mind of Marin Nakamura, a woman who wants to be both cute and cool.
Blending an element of Western clothing into the traditional Japanese style, she presents new casual Hakama-style clothing that can be worn daily like never before, stirring up a new wave of cultural enlightenment.
For A/W 2018, the brand offers a Hakama style that can be worn like a suit, using the same material for both lower (Hakama) and upper (Furisode) garments.

Kazuko "trailing the past for new memories"


"A long time ago, I was in elementary school"
The classrooms of the elementary school are kept as they were since the day it was closed. An exhibition of numerous Western-style paintings, interwoven with images of the past.

Kentaro Taki "Radio Activities and Motion Pictures"

©Kentaro Taki
photo:Kenryu Tanaka

Artist:Kentaro Taki

An installation using the announcement room.

Author Comment
There is a story that some audiences panicked when listening to the vivid performance of the radio-drama version of "Space Wars", directed by and featuring Orson Welles, aired on radio on October 30, 1938. Now, 80 years later, in a world where fake news sweeps the media, it asks "what is information", using a radio studio exhibition with objects and drawings in the motif of those who contributed to the movie and radio industry.

Collaborator: MORI YU GALLERY

Yusuke Nakano(Paramodel) "About an Invisible Song and an Inaudible Landscape: A wandering noise over the 'radio song'"

Artist:Yusuke Nakano(Paramodel)

Author Comments
"Radio no Uta" (Song of Radio) by Taruho Inagaki is a curious illusionary short novel that follows a protagonist who is looking for a boy, and a song that is played through his radio. The author explained that he "could never write the lyrics" for the song, which is depicted as ".........." in the novel. With all its ambiguity, the song is at the core of the story.
I hope that, when my memories meet Taruho’s unique approach to the exploration of the roots of boyhood through "Radio no Uta", in former Junpu Elementary School’s announcement room charged with childhood nostalgia, I can instigate a new form of imagination.

Collaborator: MORI YU GALLERY

Kurumi Wakaki "Junpu no Yu"(Junpu Bathhouse)

Artist:Kurumi Wakaki

Gantaku faceprint of the back of heads.

Author Comments
Inspired by Gyotaku, a traditional Japanese method of printing fish, Gantaku uses watercolors to draw a face on the back of one’s own head which is then pressed on to a piece of cloth.
While this printing method is unconventional, the completed work creates an attractive contrast, giving off a dreamy impression with its fuzzy outlines and blurred colors.
Some might even see this Gantaku work as prints of chopped-off heads, but we hope to present a relaxing scene of headprints soaking in the bath. Come visit our Junpu Bathhouse and rest your weary head!

Hata Marino "The Love Clinic"

Photo by Sachiko Watanabe

Artist:Hata Marino

Installation at the school’s infirmary.

Author Comments
Do you remember the time of your first love? Was it around the age we start experiencing feelings? Sweet and bittersweet, first loves and heartbreaks. People learn through falling in love, especially how to cry, and grow with its ups and downs — because, we are always looking with an honest spirit, ahead of the light, and at the light of love.

"Harikitte Mairima-Show!"(Let’s Get Revved Up!) by Gucci Sensei and Live Session with Micromus

Artist:Gucci Sensei

A workshop where you design a paper cup instrument "Paper Cup Kazu" with Gucci Sensei, and perform a live session with Micromus members: Hideo Kusumi (Banjo & Vocals/Akainu, Minimamus), Toshiko Kanno (Accordion & Chorus), Gucci (Junk percussion & Chorus/Akainu, Minimamus)


Date:Saturday, October 13

Micromus "This is Micromus Radio Station"


We will broadcast an hour of “Micromus Radio” from the announcement room.
We will play 80s pop songs and Japanese ballads, along with some riddles and casual talk over the school announcement system.

Micromus Radio

Date:Saturday, October 13

Iseo Nose "Telepathy Art: Lecture and Experiment"

Artist:Iseo Nose

This is a psychic event where the movie is produced in telepathic collaboration with the world-renowned conceptual artist Yutaka Matsuzawa, over which the musicians Ju Muraoka and Ryo Kondo telepathically perform together to add the sounds to the footage in real time.
Japan belongs to the pan-Pacific area, and culturally speaking, it carries some remnants of the Lemuria era. It is said that in the era of no languages, people communicated non-verbally using telepathy.
If we look closely at our everyday lives, it is possible to recognize this telepathic legacy, through which the Japanese transmit their thoughts “without words”.
This is an experiment that shapes the history of Japanese consciousness, and an event to rediscover the legacy of the Lemuria era.


Date:Saturday, October 13
Cast:Film: Iseo Nose ”Telepathy Art” & Music: Ju Muraoka, Ryo Kondo

Collaborator: Gallery Nomart

Ramune x Kozak Maeda (GaGaGaSP) "Fiction and Reality"

Artist:Ramune x Kozak Maeda (GaGaGaSP)

Artist Comedian, Ramune Oka and YouTuber Gamer Comedian, Ramune Nakanishi invite Kozak Maeda from GaGaGaSP for a panel discussion, lecture and live session.

Panel Discussion, Lecture and Live Session.

Date:Sunday, October 14

Riko Tamiya "Be Dreamy: The Story of Kyoto’s Wakocha, Japanese Black Tea, Shared with the World" by Green Sensei of Black Tea

Artist:Riko Tamiya(Green Sensei of Black Tea)

A lecture event by Riko Tamiya (Black Tea Instructor) and Tadatsugu Yoshida (President of Yoshichu Mannequin Co., Ltd.).
In a large vessel of "Kyoto", a formula is required to survive the era of increasing inbound tourism with pride. Through visual (mannequin) and gustative (Wakocha) forms of attraction, we are offered flexibility to feed our imaginations.


Date:Friday, October 12

Documentary "My Kyoto Records" Screening

A documentary filmed by Kyoto’s prominent figures. Screening of a total of four films including those by Sarasa Yoshioka (dye artist), Zenya Imanishi (Kagizen Yoshifusa Co., Ltd.) and Maki Takahashi (writer), as well as the abridged version of Hitomi Nagamatsu’s (Kou Kyoto) documentary screened last year.

Talk Show

Date:Friday, October 12

Screening of Short Movies by International Students: The beauty of studying in Kyoto portrayed by international students

Short Movie Contest for International Students is an event where international students portray the "The beauty of studying in Kyoto" through short movies.
Enjoy the interesting perspectives on the appealing "lessons, daily life and the streets of Kyoto", as well as their diverse cinematic expressions using anime, slides, video, drama, and documentary.

Electrical Tape Art World of "Zuga☆Kosaku"


The exhibition will display the comedian Zuga☆Kosaku’s work ranging from miniature artwork using thin, colorful plastic tape to large-scale work using cardboard and thicker tape.
Zuga☆Kosaku himself will also be at the venue creating his art in realtime.

Exhibition of "Satoly Art World" by Satoly and "Body and Art" Lecture


A panel exhibition on artist Satoly’s activities, focused on the workshops she conducts across the globe. There will also be a lecture on the theme of "Body and Art" with former American football player Masafumi Kawaguchi.

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"Body and Art" Lecture

Date:Saturday, October 13
Cast:Satoly,former American football player Masafumi Kawaguchi

"Melody of Scandinavia, the Land of Northern Lights and Midnight Sun: Violin & Hardanger Fiddle Concert by Rio Yamase"

Artist:Rio Yamase

Violinist Rio Yamase introduces Nordic music and culture using violin and Norway’s traditional instrument "Hardingfele".


13:30-14:30 Friday, October 12
11:00-11:30 Funday, October 14
Cast:Rio Yamase

"Let's make together ! Wooden Toys"

Artist:Yuichi Kimura and Ryo Nishikata

This is a Workshop to create a unique building block while talking with Yuichi Kimura and Ryo Nishikata. Please join us and bring along your kids too!


Date:Friday, October 12
Cast:Yuichi Kimura,Ryo Nishikata

Yoshimoto Archigram "Kyo no Machiya de Emblems and Swarovski"

Scene from 2017

A stylish, renovated, traditional townhouse Kyo no Machiya, located in the center of Kyoto, will be open to the public as an art venue. Here you will see a display of great modern art featuring a family crest drawn by traditional Japanese craftsmen, embellished with decorative stones by Swarovski craftsmen. The family crest is designed in a style favored by tea masters, and with this Swarovski meets the art world of the legendary Japanese painter, "Korin". The venue also introduces a new form of Kyoto-style community sharing, as seen in Machiya art salons and bicycle-sharing. Glow with the harmonious lifestyle of "Wa".

Exhibition Detail:

Iori Minoya-cho Machiya 13:00-18:00 Sat. 13, Sun. 14, Octover
Former Junpu Elementary School 11:00-19:00 Thu. 11, Fri. 12, Octover

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Talk Show

Date:Saturday, 13 October
Time:1.16:00-16:45 / 2.17:00-17:45
Venue:Iori Minoya-cho Machiya
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