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Honorary Chairman of Kyoto International Film and Art Festival Executive Committee Sadao Nakajima

Kyoto International Film and Art Festival is growing year by year, and is now celebrating its fifth opening. I am deeply grateful to everyone who has made this possible through their continuous support. Pardon me for speaking personally, but as a filmmaker raised by Kyoto’s film scene, there was something I had to achieve through this film festival. That was to make a Chanbara film, the traditional form of Kyoto cinema art, and introduce its art form through this festival. Chanbara is a highly sophisticated form of performance art originating in the home of cinema, Kyoto. Of all things, I simply cannot let this tradition die. “Tajuro Jun’aiki” is a culmination of such year-long efforts. Finally completed, it has been confirmed for the closing screening of this year’s festival. I would like to conclude by thanking all those who have supported my work, and by wishing the screening every success.
Sadao Nakajima

Chairman of Kyoto International Film and Art Festival Executive CommitteeIchiya Nakamura

"Film, Art and All the Other Things" — we have entered the memorable fifth year of the festival. A town of a thriving, thousand-year-old culture, and of constant innovation of new films, games, anime and popular culture.
A town that is a hub of international high-tech industries and home to many Nobel prize-winning scholars.
A city that continues to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and the base for the Agency for Cultural Affairs.
As the residents of Kyoto and Kyoto lovers all come together, we can enjoy, create, and share “everything” together.
We exude punk culture while still carrying on tradition.
Also striving for the discovery and nurturing of talent, we connect everyday life and the spirit of the collective, people and community, and past and present.
This year’s slogan is "Kyoto, now showing."
Sadao Nakajima’s new film — 20 years in the waiting — is a characteristically Kyoto film by a Kyoto director, whose world premiere screening will adorn the festival.
Kind regards,
Ichiya Nakamura

Mayor of KyotoDaisaku Kadokawa

Kyoto International Film and Art Festival has challenged itself through “expression of all forms” beyond the scope of films, including traditional craft, modern art and food. The festival has continued to evolve as the originator and exporter of various cultures in Kyoto, and I am deeply pleased that the festival is marking its fifth-year milestone.
I would like to pay great respect and thank all the relevant parties, including the two chairmen of the executive committee supporting the development of the festival, Mr. Sadao Nakajima and Mr. Ichiya Nakamura, as well as Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd., whose exciting ideas have created numerous attractive projects.
This year’s festival will see further integration with the town of Kyoto, as Junpu elementary school — one of the Ban-gumi elementary schools established in the early Meiji era through the efforts of the town residents — is added to the list of venues. I am sure the festival will be as exciting as ever with an even bigger audience. This year also marks the 40th year anniversary of “Declaration of Kyoto as a City Open to the Free Exchange of World Cultures” which was held up as Kyoto’s best urban principle.
As it is in the declaration, “Kyoto must always be renewed culturally and continue to create her own unique culture”. With this as the city’s goal, we will support Kyoto International Film and Art Festival for all that it is worth.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Daisaku Kadokawa
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