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Since 2014, we have organized “Kyoto International Film and Art Festival” (KIFF), which carries on the tradition and vision of “Kyoto Film Festival”. This has been made possible with the cooperation of the residents of Kyoto city and Kyoto prefecture, as well as our sponsors, relevant industries, organizations and supporters inside and outside Kyoto.
For our five-year milestone, KIFF reaffirms its position as a film festival held in “Kyoto — The Birthplace of Japanese Films”. As such, this year’s festival will pass on the culture and traditional art of Kyoto by making use of the talent, skills and experiences it has to offer. Moreover, we aim to create a new film culture by expanding the contents for the categories of “Film”, “Art” and “Others”, making it easy to convey those from Kyoto out to the world. By setting up a clear direction for these ambitions, we are going to clear the way for the festival’s intrinsic diversity to break through, while gazing inwards into the spirit of Kyoto and Japan through “Chanbara” (Samurai Cinema) and “Traditional Craft”.
In our first year, we took the first steps of a new chapter, fumbling our way through and making a name for our project as a new film festival hitting the market. In our second year we expanded the festival’s scope by introducing traditional craft and science. For our third festival, we enjoyed sharing various events with all of the Kyoto lovers, through events including the opening ceremony at Nijo Castle, and a screening at the Museum of Kyoto. Our last festival added more content, such as the opening at Nishi Hongwanji Temple, and the newly established Anime category. For our fifth year, we aim to further promote the festival and achieve concrete results — introducing “Films, Art and All the Other Things” from Kyoto to the world.
“Interact in Kyoto — Connect in Kyoto”
From films to art, traditional craft, and new medium...Looking ahead into the future, KIFF has always expanded its circle to “interact and connect” with various content.
This year, KIFF will take a stride together with the younger, digital generation, interweaving authentic traditions and innovative creations.
Valuing Kyoto’s spirit of “Jō” (compassion) and its way of life as symbolized by Chanbara, the spirit of past and present will be
“woven into the next generation.”


Thursday, October 11 – Sunday, October 14
▪️Yoshimoto Gion Kagetsu
▪️Former Junpu Elementary School
▪️Okazaki Park
▪️Kyoto Museum of Traditional Crafts
▪️Okazaki Park Baseball Ground
▪️Ooe Nougakudou
▪️TOHO Cinemas Nijo
▪️T・Joy Kyoto
▪️AEON Cinema Kyoto Katsuragawa
▪️ROHM Square, ROHM Kyoto
▪️Kyoto City Library
▪️Kyoto City Central Wholesale Market
▪️Kyoto MARUI
▪️Travelling Coffee, Rissei Library
▪️Kyoto Arts and Crafts University
▪️Kawaramachi Square, Zest Oike
▪️Neo Sujin
▪️3 Cafes in the Shimabara Area
▪️Kyoto Racecourse
▪️Wacoal Study Hall Kyoto
▪️AEON Mall Kyoto Gojo
▪️AEON Mall Kyoto Katsuragawa
▪️AEON Mall Kumiyama
▪️AEON Mall Takanohara
▪️AEON Rakunan Shopping Center
▪️AEON Mall Kusatsu
▪️AEON Oumi Hachiman Shopping Center
▪️Nishi Hongwanji Temple
Kyoto International Film and Art Festival Executive Committee
Kyo no Yoshimoto Co., Ltd.
"Kyo no Yoshimoto Co., Ltd." is a company commissioned by Kyoto International Film and Art Festival for the festival’s business operation.
Kyoto City
Special Sponsors
Kyoto Shimbun and KBS Kyoto
Sponsor & Collaborator
Kyoto Prefecture and Kyoto Location Information Council, General Inc. Association
Headquarters for Vitalizing Regional Cultures, Agency for Cultural Affairs
Kyoto Prefectural Board of Education, Kyoto City Board of Education, Kyoto Municipal Transportation Bureau,Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Junior Chamber International Kyoto, Kyoto Tourism Federation,Kyoto City Tourism Association, Kyoto Convention & Visitors Bureau, Consortium of Universities in Kyoto,International Student Study Kyoto Network, KANSAI・OSAKA 21st Century Association,United Nations Information Centre, NHK Kyoto Station, Nippon Television Network, TV Asahi, TBS Television,TV Tokyo, Fuji Television, MBS, Asahi Television Broadcasting Corporation, TV Osaka, Kansai Television,Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation, J:COM, K-Opticom, KCN Kyoto, Rakusai Cable Vision, FM Kyoto, FM OH!, FM Shiga,Radio Kansai, FM 79.7 Kyoto Sanjo Radio Cafe, Kyoto Living FM, FM Uji, FM Ayabe, Fukuchiyama FM Tanba,NPO Kyotango Community Radio Station (FM Tango), RADIO MIX KYOTO,FM Maizuru, Nikkan Sports News,Sports Nippon Newspapers, Hochi Shimbun, Sankei Sports, Daily Sports, Asahi Shimbun Company,Yomiuri Shimbun, The Mainichi Newspapers, Sankei Shimbun, Nikkei Inc., Osaka Nichi Nichi Newspaper,Chunichi Shimbun, Kyodo News, Jiji Press Ltd., Shirakawa Shoin Monthly Magazine Kyoto, Kansai Walker,Meets Regional, SAVVY, GOOD ROCKS!, Kyoto Living Shimbun Inc., Leaf
Partnered Film Festivals
Toy Film Museum, Gion Tenmaku Film Festival, Kyo Machinaka Film Festival
Kyoto Amateur Film Festival, Kyoto International Indies-Cinema Festival
Kyoto International Student Film & Video Festival(Invitation Screening Project)
Kyoto International Children's Film Festival
University of Kyoto Center for Southeast Asian Studies "Visual Documentary Project 2017 Winners + Screening of Two Works by Koji Fukada"
Partnered Projects
150 Years from Meiji — Miracle of Kyoto Project, Kyoto-Paris Friendship 60th Anniversary Project
Declaration of Kyoto as a City Open to the Free Exchange of World Cultures 40th Anniversary Project
Kyoto Official App "Hello KYOTO"
Kyoto Prefecture Muko City — Your Muko City is Here — Koko Muko Muko City
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